How to Measure Inclusion in the Workplace

Measure Inclusion

From the Harvard Business Review May 27, 2021
by Lauren Romansky, Mia Garrod, Katie Brown, and Kartik Deo

Discover the how to effectively measure inclusion in the workplace in this Harvard Business Review article. As companies globally are placing more emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), gauging the inclusivity within an organization remains a complex task. This blog post introduces the Gartner Inclusion Index, a tool designed to track true inclusion across a company. It provides valuable insights into how to utilize this index, measure employee perceptions of inclusion, and highlights effective strategies for leaders. Learn about the seven key dimensions of inclusion: fair treatment, integrating differences, decision-making, psychological safety, trust, belonging, and diversity, and understand how to interpret the responses to these elements. As we step into a future where DEI efforts are increasingly prioritized, arm yourself with the knowledge to track progress effectively and avoid common pitfalls​.

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