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Investors in same-sex relationships should have equal opportunity to support startups!

A key Securities and Exchange Commission rule states that only those with certain minimum asset or income levels can invest in startups. If you are married, the SEC rule lets you attribute your spouse's net worth to your own, making it easier to meet the minimum asset level. Similar flexibility applies for meeting the minimum income level. But what about people in same-sex civil unions or domestic partnerships? They are left out. Their choice of partner is not respected. Gay persons in same-sex relationships other than marriage are treated as though they were single.

The SEC must act to ensure equal treatment for persons in same-sex relationships in states that do not permit marriage.

Accordingly, we propose the Commission add the following defined term to Rule 501 of Regulation D, to clarify that the test for those investors with a "spouse" applies to all persons with a life partner:

A spouse of a natural person shall mean another person, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, whose relationship with the person specified: (1) may be characterized as such person's (i) husband, (ii) wife, (iii) spouse, (iv) domestic partner, or (v) designated beneficiary under any applicable state law for the purpose of ensuring that each person in a two-person relationship has certain rights or financial protections based upon such designation; or (2) is that of the other party to a civil union with such person.

Pushing back the boundaries of entrenched, systemic discrimination means tackling policy fights with the same vigor brought to campaigns like ending DOMA. Will you sign today to express your belief that sexual orientation should have nothing to do with who is and isn't allowed to invest in startups?

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